A guide to self reliant living












1. Food

2. Manna

3. Water

4. Sanitation

5. Medical,

6. Kerosene heaters and cookers

7. Lighting

8. Wood
cooking and heating

9. Communi-cations

10. Essential

11. Home
built items

12. Electrical; generators
and power

13. War preparedness

14. Gardening


Miles Stair's SURVIVAL


Miles Stair's SURVIVAL



BY Hal Walter

The dean of American survivalists

July 30, 1919 - April 13, 2009

Rest In Peace, Harry


It is difficult to imagine, much less plan for, the chaos that will come with a nuclear strike on the United States. We have not had internal conflict of any magnitude since the Civil War. As a result most Americans, except some veterans of WW2, Korea, Vietnam and our current involvement in the Middle East are not emotionally or physically prepared to confront these types of scenarios.

As stated before, few individuals or communities are designed to adapt to the severe conditions that come with a societal breakdown.

After over 50 years existence of the H-Bomb and the delivery systems capable of devastating any areas within the United States, most Americans are uninformed, complacent, and totally unprepared to confront the facts and actions needed to be able to survive a nuclear war. Many even rely on the rational that a nuclear war CANNOT happen. This, frankly, is just plain stupid and cowardly. Another large group who understands that it CAN happen still take the equally invalid attitude that, because it has not taken place as yet....and that rational people worldwide will not let anything this terrible happen....that they do not have to be concerned about the need for individual, family, and community dedication to the realities that make survival planning such an unpleasant choice.

Then there are the worst if the fatalistic breed who whine that "I wouldn t want to live in a world like that....so I ll just kiss my rear end goodbye and die with the rest of the people" Sure enough, when it happens these will be the ones screaming for others to help them live...and creating more chaos and death because of their present cowardice and selfishness. AND....they will get their death wish!

Thinking honestly about some of the very unpleasant scenarios, here are some pertinent questions to ask yourself.

* What ethical standards will you find yourself confronting when it comes to defending your home...which will meaning killing or wounding your attackers who are threatening your family and friends? Do you just give up and let them rob, rape, and kill your loved ones? OR....if you do use lethal force, what is your obligation to observe the so-called Geneva Convention standards relating to treating enemy wounded, taking prisoners (who will have to be fed, clothed, and given equal treatment to that available to your own family), and all of those legal niceties that come with the fantasies connected with civilized warfare . Remember that these attackers endangering your family will most likely NOT be some hateful foreign race (Jap, Chink, Russkie, etc), but may well be your next door neighbors whose lack of preparedness has turned them into people capable of the worst kind of depraved behavior.

*What about your responsibility towards friends and neighbors who have not attempted to attack you? Will you have the specialized instruments to detect radiation that can save their lives? Will you have the extra food and supplies that they have not stockpiled? Will you have the special knowledge that comes with a long-term preparedness program...and be able to use this know-how to save lives? MAKE AN HONEST EVALUATION! Almost all Americans will fail miserably in the final analysis.


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