GLOBAL JIHAD: Al-Qaida website bemoans fall of Baghdad Says guerrilla warfare 'most powerful weapon Muslims have'
Posted: April 13, 2003
1:00 a. m. Eastern

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In response to the Iraq war, the website of Osama bin Laden's terrorist organization al-Qaida is posting a series of articles calling for a massive groundswell of "guerrilla warfare" to defeat and demoralize America.

The articles, collectively titled "The Crusader War in Iraq," have been posted on the terrorist organization's "Al-Nidaa" website, which is regularly removed from the Internet and thus its URL changes every few days. As of Friday, April 11, the site was located at this URL.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, the first article posed 35 questions, while successive articles, posted at the rate of one every few days, answers the questions.

The seventh segment, dated Wednesday, April 9, 2003, was written after American forces entered Baghdad and following the disappearance of the leaders of the Iraqi regime. It argued that the only way to deal successfully with superior military forces is through guerrilla warfare:

First of all, what is happening today, Wednesday, in Baghdad � that is, Crusader forces entering the heart [of the capital] without fighting � surprised no one who examined the events according to military parameters, because the entrance into cities was anticipated, sooner or later, and the situation in the field did not allow steadfastness by the Iraqi defense [system as long as it functioned as a] regular [army]. Yes, we cannot deny that we were surprised at the ease of their entrance into Baghdad, and [also] that there was no resistance whatsoever by the city. So far we are incapable of understanding where the tens of thousands of regular troops disappeared to overnight. We expected some resistance, at least of the level that was demonstrated that was at Um Qasr. Although we don't know the reasons, we are convinced that if the resistance in Baghdad had been waged by regular forces, it would have collapsed, and fairly quickly. It appears that the Iraqi commanders were also convinced that the modus operandi of regular [forces], even if they were capable of putting up resistance for a few weeks, would collapse in the absence of elements for steadfastness. Iraqi Defense Minister Sultan Hashem said on the sixth day of the war that Baghdad would be besieged, but would not fall. The fact that they were convinced that there would be a siege was in itself sufficient to convince them that they could not withstand using the modus operandi of regular [forces] ...

We expected that the method of defense of regular or semi-regular [forces] would collapse, and it would be impossible to withstand. From the beginning of this series of articles, we have focused on the modus operandi of guerrilla warfare.

This is the most powerful weapon Muslims have, and it is the best method to continue the conflict with the Crusader enemy who has stripped the nation of all the meanings of [military] might, and there is no chance that in the years to come we will be allowed to possess the elements of strength. Thus, the best method of struggle for the weak against the strong is guerrilla warfare.

With guerrilla warfare, the Americans were defeated in Vietnam and the Soviets were defeated in Afghanistan. This is the method that expelled the direct Crusader colonialism from most of the Muslim lands, with Algeria the most well known. We still see how this method stopped Jewish immigration to Palestine, and caused reverse immigration of Jews from Palestine. The successful attempts of dealing defeat to invaders using guerrilla warfare are many, and we will not expound on them. However, these attempts have proven that the most effective method for the materially weak against the strong is guerrilla warfare ...

As of yesterday, on the site's English-language page, the following article, titled "Message to our Muslim brothers in Iraq," could be found, among several others.

God's peace and blessings be upon you. O believers, be fearful of God as befits him and die but upon Islam.

We have been attentively and carefully following the preparations for war by the crusaders to occupy the former capital of Islam and plunder the wealth of Muslims placing a client government over you to follow its masters in Washington and Tel Aviv like the rest of the other traitor and agent Arab governments pending the establishment of the state of greater Israel. Nearing this unjust war, we would like to stress some important ideas on this infidel and transgressor war waged by the Americans and their allies and agents.

One: We should have a single and sincere intent of fighting for God alone with no partner and not to uphold nationalities or the un-Islamic regimes in the Arab countries including Iraq.

God said: "The believers fight for Allah and the infidels fight for tyranny. Fight the followers of the devil for the cunning of the devil is weak.

Two: We remind that victory comes from God alone. We have only to prepare and call for jihad. God Almighty said: "O believers, if you fight for the cause of God He will grant you victory and give you steadfastness." We should have to repent to God of sins particularly the great ones, for the prophet (peace be upon him) said: Avoid the seven deadly ones: taking partners to God, magic, killing people unlawfully, usurping the property of orphans, fleeing on the day of battle, and libeling believing and unaware women (an agreed hadith).

We should also avoid the rest of major sins like drinking wine, fornication, anger and perjury. We must hasten to good deeds, particularly intense remembrance of God before going to battle. Abo El Darda said: Make good deeds before battle for you fight with them.

Three: Our fighting and defense against the American enemy, it is important to know that it basically relies in its fighting on the psychological war in view of the massive propaganda machine at its disposal as well as on intensive air bombardment.

It does this to hide its main point of weakness, which is fear, cowardice and the absence of the spirit of fighting in the American army. Those soldiers fully know that their government is unjust and lying.

They have no just cause to defend, but they fight for the capitalists, the usurers and the merchants of weapons including the criminal gang in the White House, as well as, of course, the crusading grudge and the personal grudges of Bush senior.

We also realized that the best, most effective and available means to neutralize the air might of the crusading enemy is to build large numbers of covered and strong ditches. In a previous talk I pointed to the great battle of Tora Bora last year in which faith triumphed over all the material forces of the evil-doers by holding to principles and by the grace of God

I will give you some details of this big battle to prove the extent of their cowardice, on the one hand, and the effect of ditches in draining their power on the other.

We numbered 300 mujahideen and we dug 100 trenches over on area of no more than one square mile, i. e. one trench for each three of our brother fighters to reduce heavy losses as a result of the bombing.

Since the early hours of the American campaign on October 7, 2002, our positions were subjected to heavy bombing which continued intermittently up to a month. After that a very intense bombing started particularly after the American command became certain that some al-Qaida leaderships, including the mujahid brother Dr. Ayman Al Zawahry, were present in the area.

Bombing became round the clock and hardly a second passed without military aircraft flying over us by day or night .The operations rooms of the American department of defense with all their allied powers concentrated to wipe out this small plot of land. The planes poured hell over us particularly as they had by then finished their basic mission in Afghanistan. The American forces bombed us with smart and heavy bombs weighing thousands of pounds us well as with cluster and anti-cave fuel bombs. Bombers like B-52s hovered overhead for more than two hours dropping 20 to 30 bombs every time and the new version of C-130s dropped explosive carpets and other new types of explosives on us by night.

Despite this massive bombing and the unprecedented media campaign on such small area of land besieged from all sides there were the forces of the hypocrites that they sent to fight us for half a month continuously. We threw back all their daily waves, by grace of God, and each time they were turned back carrying their dead and wounded. Without all this the American forces could not have dared storm our positions. What can be more indicative of their cowardice and fear and lying in their alleged propaganda to their troops.

The outcome of the battle was a miserable, huge failure for the forces of evil facing a small group of 300 fighters inside their trenches in an area of one square mile and in temperatures of minus 10. Our losses were about 6 percent whom we ask God to accept as martyrs. Our losses in trenches, thank God, were 2 percent. The forces of world evil could not achieve their goal as a small number of mujahids with very poor means held them, how can these evil forces dominate over the whole world? This is impossible, God willing, if people hold on and persist in fighting. Our Muslim brothers in Iraq, do not be awed by the lies America circulates about their power and their smart laser-guided bombs .

The smart bombs haven't had any effect in the midst of and over trenches dug in plains and vegetation. They must have visible targets. Well concealed targets and camouflaged trenches can only be blindly hit at by smart bombs and this wastes the ammunition of the enemy. Take then to the digging many trenches, as Omar was reported as saying: "Use land as a shield." The enemy's production of these bombs can be thus finished in a few weeks, as for their production per day this is an easy thing which, God willing, we can take.

We advise that the forces of the enemy by drawn into nets of well defended trenches in plains, farmland, and mountains, and cities. The thing that the enemy fears the worst is the street fighting. It expects heavy casualties there. We also stress the importance of martyrdom operations against the enemy. These have caused setbacks for the Americans and Israel that they have never witnessed in their history before by the grace of God.

We also say that anyone who aids America from among the hypocrites of Iraq or the rulers of the Arab regimes or anyone who is pleased with America's deeds and follows it in this crusade by fighting with them by providing bases and logistic support or by any type of assistance and support, even if by mere words, helping to kill Muslims in Iraq is to know that he is a renegade and apostate whom it will be lawful to kill or seize his property. God said: "O believers do not take Jews and Christians as allies. They are the allies of each other. Anyone from among you who allies with them is from them."

We stress that sincere Muslims should act, urge, and mobilize the people in such big events and heated climate to achieve freedom from the apostate, unjust regimes that are the slaves of America. They should establish the rule of God on earth. The countries that are most ripe for liberation are Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, the land of the shrines (Saudi Arabia), and Yemen. It is not a secret that this crusade is primarily targeted against the Muslims regardless of whether the Baath party and Saddam remain or go. The Muslims in general and in Iraq particularly should rise up earnestly and struggle against this unjust campaign. They should get arms and weapons, which is a duty incumbent on them.

God said, "Let them heed their property and their weapons, the infidels would like that you neglect your weapons and property and then fall on you in one swoop." It is known that fighting should be in the service of Islamic banners. The Muslim should have a clear creed and banners in fighting for God. The prophet, peace be upon him, said, "Anyone who fights for Allah will be victorious."

Under these circumstances it will not be wrong that the interests of Muslims should meet with the interests of socialists in fighting against the crusaders though we reject them and say that the socialists are infidels. The legitimacy of those ideologies has fallen a long time ago. The socialists are infidels wherever they may be, in Baghdad or in Eden. The fighting that is going on or about to come up highly resembles the Muslims fighting of the Romans in the past. The meeting of interests in not harmful, for the Muslims fighting with the Romans intersected with interests of the Persians and this did not inconvenience the prophet's followers.

Finally, we emphasize the need for optimism and the boosting of morale. Beware of spreading fears, frustration, or reluctance: The prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Spread the good omen and do not dissuade." He also said: "The voice of abitalha in the army is better than a thousand men." It was reported that a man told Khaled on the day of the battle of Yarmouk: "How many are the Romans and now few are the Muslims." Khaled replied � Armies are not victorious by the numerousness of their adversaries but by the thwarting of the latter (or something to that effect). You should remember God's words: "No prophet should take prisoners until he kills many enemies." He also said: "If you meet the infidels (in battle) deal blows at their necks." Let your attitude to the crusaders be as the line of poetry:

There is no reproach between me and you Except the stabbing of kidneys and the chopping of heads.

I recommend myself and you to fear God in secret and openly, to be persisting and patient in struggle. Victory comes upon a little patience. I advise myself and you frequently pray and remember God, who said: "O believers, if you confront a faction, hold on and remember God much, so that you may succeed."

O god, revealer of the truth, conductor of clouds, and vanquisher of the factions, defeat them and grant as victory over them.

O God, grant us your blessing in this world and in the next and save us from the torture of hell.

My God bless Mohamed, his family and his followers. Amen.