The Czech Wall Lamp is a very cute little oil lamp that can hang on a wall or be table mounted, has a 4 inch mirror reflector (removable), and is very efficient.  The workmanship is not in the class of a Kosmos, but they work very well indeed - and the cost is vastly less than a Kosmos lantern.


These little lamps take a 5/8" wick (newer ones use a 3/8" wick), so fuel consumption is very low. But light output is directly related to fuel consumption, so these little lamps are not as bright as a Kosmos or Aladdin, but are certainly as bright as a Lamplighter Farms oil lamp. What is unique is the burner assembly. These lamps are of Czech origin, and the burner is not a typical #2 unit. It burns exceptionally clean, with virtually no fumes or soot. I have had several set up on a wall burning for hours, and there was no soot at all in the chimney, no smell or fumes, and yet with the reflector it put out enough light to be able to navigate around the house easily.

Why did I want these little glass lamps? They can go on the wall and provide plenty of light for normal walking around at night, while using considerably less fuel than a Kosmos. And the Kosmos is then available for putting right beside my recliner for reading, and I still have a wall lamp.

The Czech wall lamp is available from Item #  11-747. The cost is $14.95 plus shipping.  That price is $5.00 less than I paid for mine in 1999, and I considered them a "best buy" at the higher price!  Note:  These are 3/8" wide wick models, but burn brighter than a cheap #2 burner on a Chinese import sold under a "farm" label.  Lehman's has many interesting and extremely useful non electric items - their catalogue is fantastic.  I have done business with Lehman's for years, and they have my highest recommendation for integrity.



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