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1. Food

2. Manna

3. Water

4. Sanitation

5. Medical,

6. Kerosene heaters and cookers

7. Lighting

8. Wood
cooking and heating

9. Communi-cations

10. Essential

11. Home
built items

12. Electrical; generators
and power

13. War preparedness

14. Gardening


Miles Stair's SURVIVAL










Miles Stair's SURVIVAL


General Advice for Protesters


Recommended Supplies for Protesters

First-Aid & Capsicum spray prevention


The goal of the S11 Medical Team is to assist with the efforts to shut down the World Bank/IMF which is robbing our sisters and brothers worldwide of their ability to provide and receive health care, education, a living wage and other life essentials. The Medical Team will help you stay as active, healthy and engaged in the struggle as possible. We will provide free treatment to the best of our ability to anyone who requests it. We will offer 'straight' (allopathic) and 'complementary' (herbal, homeopathic, etc.) care.

The primary health care will take place in the protest zone by trained Street Medics, and you the protesters. The medics will facilitate assistance to anyone who desires it. The medics will be assigned to areas of action, affinity groups, and/or hot zones.

More intensive treatment will be provided in the vicinity of the protests.

Outside the protest zone, skilled health practitioners who can provide further assistance will care for people who need more intensive treatment than what is available in the field, or refer people to other health care -- i.e. hospital, adjunct therapy, etc..

You Need to Know:

If you are well prepared mentally and have essential supplies and knowledge, you will probably not need our medical assistance. Fear & confusion are the State's major weapon. Confidence, determination, preparation and awareness of your strength is your best weapon.

If you are going to be associated with the civil disobedience /direct-action at the World Economic Forum, the S11 Medical Team wants you and your affinity groups to learn simple preparations, and bring along essential supplies. This will help you avoid the worst effects of the POSSIBLE use of police violence and capsicum. They may use different tactics and weapons. Our advice is designed to help you remain in action for global justice, so be sure to read it and pass it around.

We will supply and train as many medics as possible. But you, the regular protesters are the primary health care providers.

You need to know about essential and optional supplies, clothes and gear to bring to the protest, and basic knowledge, prevention and treatment of effects from capsicum spray, and common injuries.

Each affinity group is asked to designate someone as their medical monitor. This person will be responsible for: making sure that the group has basic prevention/treatment supplies,

1. knowing basic prevention & first aid,

2. knowing how to access the S11 medical system,

3. making sure their comrades are treated and followed-up

4. documenting signs, symptoms and evaluation of treatment

Your group can benefit by selecting a person to attend an S11Medical Team 1st Aid training prior to the action..

This First Aid information will describe simple and effective techniques to treat Capsicum spray and some other possibilities.

Those methods used by the police against us are not so much weapons of pain, as they are tools of distraction. The fear of Capsicum spray and tear gas is a diversion intended to control us, to cloud our vision and obscure the weakness of the corporate State - devoid of joy or love, knowing only the language of threats and fear.

Fear thrives on uncertainty and lack of knowledge. There is a lot of information here. We urge that each Affinity Group or group of buddies to appoint a Medical Monitor who learns - or can effectively refer to this, and the other health documents on Supplies and Advice that we have issued. We want you to stay healthy and happy.

"What history really shows is that today s empire is tomorrow s ashes, that nothing lasts forever, and that to not resist is to acquiesce in your own oppression. The greatest form of sanity that anyone can exercise is to resist that force that is trying to repress, oppress, and fight down the human spirit."-Mumia Abu Jamal

Remember, they re more scared of us than we are of them. They understand clearly we have the power to change this rotten system, and we have already shown that we can face down our fears.


Use Your Head


  • PLAN AHEAD: For essential needs, care and supplies. Know what to expect. Know how to get assistance. Plan for how to re-contact your buddies if separated.


  • ATTITUDE: You are powerful. You can easily withstand most of what the police throw at you, and you are an activist for justice. Remember, pain is only temporary, and we are extremely strong.


  • THE #1 WEAPON OF THE POLICE IS FEAR. Once you control that, Capsicum spray, and other police tactics are easily manageable.


  • COMMON SENSE: Keep your wits, assess what is going down and what needs to be done.


  • BE CALM and FOCUSED when things get most intense. React to danger or warning signs sooner - not later. Watch for signs of physical and mental problems in yourself and others. Cool down others who exhibit panic behavior.


  • BEWARE OF RUMORS: They are usually false, and foster fear. Deal with the known truth.


  • DOCUMENT police actions, brutality and injuries.


  • ANGER Intense anger is quite common with Capsicum spray, and can be useful if you are prepared and able to focus it. Maybe you can use your anger to motivate you to recover faster and get back in the action again. Maybe it will provide you with energy to get out to a safe space.

Information for Those With Health Conditions


  • If you have any health condition that might pose serious health problems if your medication is interrupted (such as: retroviruses, psychiatric disorders, diabetes, hypertension), you should be aware that you may not have access to proper medication while you are in jail. A letter from a doctor may help. Three copies of the letter are needed, one for the legal team, one for the medical team (these will be kept completely confidential) and one for you.


  • It should include the following information: your name, diagnosis, that you must have access at all times to your medication, a list of all medication, that you must be allowed to keep medication on your person so that they can be properly administered, and that no substitutions are acceptable.


  • Since your name must be on the document, you may want to hide it on your body as a sort of insurance policy--perhaps you won't need it and then could eat it and utilize solidarity tactics. We believe that revealing your name and cooperating with the jailers to ensure your health is more beneficial to all than having to deal with a serious medical problem. Better to cite out than pass out.

  • Please make sure that your affinity group and the legal team is aware of your needs so they can help care and advocate for you.
  • Carrying essential medications in their original prescription bottles with your name and the drug, dosage, etc. may help you get access to them in jail.

What you should know about Capsicum Spray

Who Should Avoid the Risk of Capsicum Spray:

  • Those with asthma, respiratory problems or infections, pregnant women, women attempting to get pregnant, anyone ill or with a poor immune system, seizure disorders, eye infections, contact lens wearers, and children.

Capsicum Spray Concerns

  • Since Capsicum spray is often sprayed at a close distance, the police may try to:
  • Physically remove your goggles/ breathing protection.
  • Spray between your face and your goggles/mask (which if your hands are locked down, makes them a trap for the chemical).
  • Reaction to chemical exposure will be greater with the presence of some skin conditions such as acne or severe eczema.
  • Contact Lens trap the irritating gases and chemical compounds underneath them and may increase the amount of damage and irritation. GET PRESCRIPTION GLASSES NOW AND WARN OTHERS NOT TO WEAR CONTACT LENSES.
  • It can be hazardous. People have died from respiratory failure (no protesters that we are aware of)..
  • Asthmatics should bring their Ventilin pump

What to do when you get gassed or Capsicum sprayed without a mask

The first and most important thing to remember is to relax! If you are well prepared mentally and have essential supplies and knowledge, you will probably not need our medical assistance. Fear & confusion are the State's major weapon. Confidence, determination, preparation and awareness of your strength is your best weapon.


Make sure you apply treatments within your ability and understanding level. Recognize your limits. Ask for or refer to someone more experienced when needed. Experienced health workers know that asking for help is often absolutely essential.

  • Wipes may be clean cloth, gauze, 4x4s etc. .
  • Water may have 4 drops per litre of homeopathic Rescue Remedy added.
  • Normal Saline (0.9% sodium solution) may be substituted for water used for flushing eyes or cleaning wounds.


  • Practice first aid treatments before the action on each other so:
  • You get experienced before you need to do treatments during an intense situation.
  • You know what the treatment feels like.
  • All water for cleaning, rinsing and drinking can contain homeopathic Rescue Remedy,2-4 drops per litre.


  • Stay calm & focused.
  • When your body heats up (from running or panicking, for example), the irritation may increase. Part of the reason is that your pours will open allowing more absorption of the chemicals.
  • Make your way to a safe space with fresh air where unexposed folks can help you, or at least ensure your safety while you treat yourself.
  • Face into the wind, open eyes, hold arms out and walk around to let fresh air decontaminate you. Take slow deep breaths of clean air.
  • Don t touch your eyes or your face, as you may re-contaminate yourself.
  • Blow your nose, spit out chemicals.
  • If there is wet Capsicum spray on skin, pad/sponge it up with cloth without spreading it around. If you move the oily chemical around the skin, you increase the area of painful skin.
  • Before you assist or treat anyone, ask them for permission first! Then explain to them what you are going to do before you do it.
  • Wear clean gloves (mutual protection from contamination) and eye protection, or you will end up unable to help and in need of treatment yourself - the blowback and splashing from administering some of the treatments can be wicked!
  • Best if cleaning solutions and water spill directly to ground so as to not contaminate clean skin, clothes or hair.
  • Store contaminated wipes in a sealed bag.


  • Decontaminate with a cold shower (keeps pores closed preventing chemicalsfrom entering skin).
  • Exchange contaminated clothing for fresh.
  • Be aware that entering into a room with contaminated cloths, hair & skin reeking of chemicals will contaminate the room.
  • A contaminated room with carpets or textiles on furniture may reek for weeks.
  • If possible, please change out of contaminated garments before entering enclosed spaces such as convergence and treatment areas.
  • Place contaminated clothes in bag. Squeeze out air. Seal it so the gases will diffuse out more slowly. If you want the clothes back, mark bag with a name.

PREVENTION: Wash before with pH neutral soap. Cover up with water repellent clothes & gear. Don t wear contact lenses, make-up, moisturizers or vegetable/mineral oil-based cream. Don t use Vaseline or mineral oil as skin barrier. Use gas mask, respirators, sealed (swim) goggles, and/or vinegar or lemon juice-soaked bandanna over mouth/nose.

GENERAL TREATMENT: Stay calm & focused. You are strong. The discomfort is only temporary & will not damage you. Don t touch face or rub eyes. Get to fresh air, eyes open, arms out (if tear gas), breath slow & deep. Blow nose, spit out chemicals. Consider water to flush eyes & gargle. Water or Witch Hazel soaked gauze or cotton balls on closed eyes are soothing. After treatment, wash off with cold water& replace contaminated clothes. WIPES may be clean cloth, gauze, 4x4s etc. . WATER may have 4 drops per litre of Rescue Remedy added. NORMAL SALINE (0.9% sodium solution) may be substituted for rinsing, cleaning water.



  • NO: earrings, piercings, necklaces, ties etc.
  • Dress for the weather: Average temperature, highs of 25+, lows of 10-, Sudden squally rain possible. Best to cover as much skin as possible
  • Expendable water repellent or synthetics the won t absorb chemicals ( unlike water absorbing cotton) washed with neutral soap
  • Clinch/seal at wrists ankles and neck
  • Windcheater, light rain gear (also good for changing colour if you need to disappear.
  • Non absorbent hair cover: plastic bag, swim or shower cap
  • Helmet, cricket box, sports bra
  • Comfortable runners, boots.
  • Replacement pants/shirt sealed in bag, to replace chemically contaminated clothing
  • WATER: LOTS to drink and rinse off chemicals. Spray mister head or squirt head on bottle to help conserve water & minimize contamination.
  • RESCUE REMEDY from Health Food store - 4 drops per litre of water.
  • BANDANNAS SOAKED IN VINEGAR * A gas mask semi-substitute. Keep them in a heavy duty ziplock bag
  • ENERGY SNACKS in an easy swallowing liquid or semi-liquid form to keep you going.
  • SEALED GOGGLES like swimmers (available in prescription).Protection from Capsicum spray.
  • GLOVES disposable latex, vinyl, dishwashing. Extra bags.
  • CLOTH, 4x4 GAUZE, etc. to clean off chemicals.
  • Castor Oil, , Regular Dishwashing Detergent, Alcohol Swabs, Rubbing Alcohol (i.e. Isopropyl 70% Alcohol) for Capsicum spray decontamination. However, these are dangerous if used incorrectly. See "Prevention & First Aid for Protesters " (article available soon).
  • DAY PACK/SATCHEL either that or you got some mighty big pockets



Trapped chemicals may cause eye damage.


Vaseline, detergent soap, skin moisturizers, make up, sunblock, UV cream, because the chemicals bind with them - anything acidic will cause stronger reaction. Do not wear Vaseline, or castor oil for protection!!!

OPTIONAL Supplies / Clothing info:

  • GAS MASK Preferably with shatter resistant lens & replaceable non-asbestos filters. M17A1 clones are good. Beware of police stealing them.
  • CHEMICAL/GAS RESPIRATOR w/ filters for hazardous gases or paint stripper. Hardware or safety supply stores $40 -70 They cover mouth and nose only. Use swim goggles as well.
  • Disposable camera
  • Paper, pens, for notes, documentation
  • Money for food, transportation & telephone
  • Emergency Phone numbers: Legal Aid, friends and relatives
  • Mobile phone, 2 way radio, Walk thing set to S11 FM (tba)
  • Sleeping mat
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tarp, sheet of plastic, Igloo tent
  • Bike, rollerblades, skate board
  • Flexible knee pads for kneeling on pavement for protracted periods of time