The Fifth Column Left Declares War

By David Horowitz

March 17, 2003

We have long warned on these pages that the peace movement is not about peace, that it is a fifth column communist movement to destroy America and give victory to our totalitarian enemies. Now this Fifth Column is preparing to move into action to attempt to defeat America in its war against Saddam.

On the day after the U. S. military action in Iraq begins, the Fifth Column is preparing to begin its own war at home. The plan is to cause major disruptions � illegal in nature � in cities across the country to disrupt the flow of normal civic life. These actions will tie up Homeland Security forces and create a golden opportunity for domestic terrorists. The Fifth Column left is also planning to invade military bases. Here is a report from�s Michelle Goldberg:

[Camp] Vandenberg is about 50 miles north Santa Barbara, Calif. In a few days, activists will start converging on a nearby four-acre plot of land�. They're going to camp there and train to breach the base's security and possibly vandalize some of its equipment. The [leader of the activists] describes the base as "the electronic nerve center of the global-surveillance-targeting, weapons-guidance, and military-command satellites that will largely direct the war." The base is 99,000 square acres, with a perimeter running through rugged, wooded terrain. �If people are committed and determined and in halfway decent physical shape, it is possible to get in, because it's enormous and much of the land is still fairly wild," he says. Within the base, [the action leader] says, are "major off-limits security zones," that, when breached, "set off a series of responses in their own security procedures which require disruption and partial shut down of regular activities," which means the base can't operate at full capacity. [1]

Here is the Internet call to arms for New York City from a group calling itself �No Blood for Oil� (caps in original)�

The No Blood For Oil! Resistance Campaign is calling on all those who oppose the war, to join us in making the first day of concentrated US attack on Iraq an International Day of Civil Resistance! We'll be rallying in New York's Times Square at 5 p. m. that day - or 5 p. m. the next day, if the US assault begins at night - to inaugurate a campaign of civil resistance that will continue as long as U. S. aggression does. THIS MEANS NO BUSINESS AS USUAL! WE JOIN WITH MILLIONS ACROSS THE COUNTRY WHO CALL FOR A 'WORK STOPPAGE' ON THIS DAY! NO WORK, NO SCHOOL, NO BUSINESS AS USUAL! ( )

Similar actions are planned for San Francisco ( ), Los Angeles (, and the nation�s capital, Washington DC ( The DC plan calls for five different actions designed to cause major domestic disruption:

These will be direct action oriented, unpermitted demonstrations to interrupt Business as Usual in the Capital of Capital and to raise the social costs of the US Government to Wage war on Iraq and the world...

The above actions will be carried out by the main forces of the Fifth Column communist "peace movement." The violence will be spear-headed by the anarchist �Black Bloc.�
( This is a collection of anarchist �affinity groups� (see War Room #5 for a description of �affinity groups�) who dress in black with faces covered to facilitate illegal actions. (A clearing house website for the Black Bloc is . These are the groups that caused massive disruption and damage during the anti-globalizations riots in Seattle, and have wreaked civil havoc in other American cities.

There will also be larger law-breaking demonstrations timed for the �day after� our soldiers enter Iraq. The stated intent of the large communist[2] peace organizations (United for Peace and Justice, Not In Our Name and International ANSWER) is to �interrupt the flow of normal life.� Since the organizers cannot know the date when military action will begin and thus cannot get permits for their events, these are illegal demonstrations as well and their goal is sinister.

If security forces are tied up, obviously the opportunities for domestic terrorist attacks increase.

But organizers maintain that even though their actions are designed to tie up Homeland Security forces they will be �non-violent.�

Not so the actions of the Black Bloc, who launch their guerrilla operations from the main demonstrations. Click the link for a small sample of their thinking, taken from their website                                     ( ):

We contend that property destruction is not a violent activity unless it destroys lives or causes pain in the process. By this definition, private property--especially corporate private property--is itself infinitely more violent than any action taken against it.

Q: Why do black blocs attack the police?

A: Because they are in the way. While most anarchists oppose police brutality and seek an end to policing and prisons, our main targets are the rich and powerful. Since the police are the violent face of capitalism, in other words, the guard dogs for the rich, they are on the frontlines when the anarchists come to pursue our class war against the rich.

The military authorities at Vandenberg Air Force base have already announced that they will use deadly force to repel the saboteurs. Legislators should take forceful measures as well. They could begin by increasing the penalties on existing legislation for this kind of civil disobedience and make them mandatory. This will deter some activists and take others out of commission for the duration of the war. We suggest making this civil disruption during a Yellow Alert a felony with a mandatory 6 months in a confined facility and $10,000 fine. If the crime involves violence or is committed during an Orange Alert, we suggest increasing the penalties to one year in jail and a $50,000 fine. If the alert is Red, 2 years in jail and a $100,000 fine. Much larger fines should be assessed on groups that sponsor these actions.

Congress should also look to reactivating sedition laws that would meet the threat posed by the deadly seriousness of the anti-American Fifth Column. These activists are not playing games. They have dedicated their lives to the service of Communist regimes and anti-American causes. They are the fruit of more than thirty years of leftist attacks on this country. Now the international terrorists have provided them with their dream: the war has finally come home.

The attempt to sabotage America's war effort is not dissent and should be a wake-up call to all those critics of the Justice Department's efforts to protect us by surveilling anti-American groups. Clearly, both the FBI and our security laws are well behind the curve, since these saboteurs have not been deterred from their deadly ambitions. Criminal subversion and sedition are not protected by the Bill Rights and the perpetrators should be punished harshly enough to remove them from the field of battle.